The W.P.Q.G. enjoys a strong record of philanthropy and leadership in the community. In our ongoing service to the community, we are involved with many Outreach Projects that touch many in the community.

We work in conjunction with the Pasco Education Foundation to provide for two, $1,000, Fine Art Scholarship opportunities to Pasco County students. Pasco County Graduating High School Seniors can apply for these scholarships through the Pasco Education Foundation.

Each year our Guild chooses a special organization to be the beneficiary of the funds we raise through our Annual Opportunity Quilt ticket sales.  Tickets are available for a donation and you may purchase them from any Guild member.

Since 1990, we have contributed over $350,000 to Pasco County charities and residents in need.  The following is a list of the Guild Opportunity Quilts, the year they were made, the year and amount of the donation, and who the beneficiary was. 

To date our members have raised and donated $107,628 to local charities just from funds raised by our Annual Opportunity Quilt ticket sales.

1988/90 – Funds (approximately $2,000) raised were used as start-up /operating income. 

1991/92 - “Pineapple” –  $2,500 to Hernando/Pasco Hospice

1992/93 - “Stars From Stripes” – $2,000 to American Cancer Society (R.O.C.K. Camp)

1993/94 - “Baltimore Chain” – $3,000 to CARES, Alzheimer Unit

1994/95 - “Banbury Cross” –  $3,000 to Sertoma Speech & Hearing

1995/96 - “Butterflies in the Garden” – $4,000 to Lighthouse for the Blind

1996/97 - “Sunset, Sand & Florida Flowers” –  $2,500 to Good Samaritan Clinic

1997/98 - “Irish Eyes” –  $4,000 to S.O.L.V.E.

1998/99 - “Scrap Basket Social” – $4,000 to Hernando/Pasco Hospice

1999/00 - “Portabello Market” – $3,000 to Good Samaritan Clinic

2000/01 - “Millennium Celebration” – $3,200 to Special Olympics of Pasco County

2001/02 - “Carpenter’s Garden” – $5,000 -- Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program

2002/03 - "Majesty" - $4,000 - Holy Ground Homeless Shelter of Pasco County

2003/04 - "Swan Lake" - $4,500 - Children’s Assist. Program Hernando/Pasco Hospice
2004/05 - "Tropicale" – Total $3, 000 - disbursed as follows:
                    $1,500 -
Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program

                    $1,500 - Operation Home Front Quilts Shipping
2005/06 - "Little Brown Bear"- $5,000 - HOPE Youth Ranch in Hudson
2006/07 - "When This You See, Remember Me"- $4,928 - Deaf Services Bureau of West
                    Central Florida

2007/08 -
"Floral Fantasy"  -  $8,250 - Safe Children's Coalition of West Pasco County 

2008/09 - "Sew Many Memories" - $3,250 - Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program
2009/10 - "After the Storm"- $5,000 - NAMI
2010/11 - "Wildflower Serenade"- $5,000 - The Angelus (theangelus.com)
2011/12 - "Golden Kaleidoscope" - $3,500 -Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program
2012/13 - "Sleeping Under the Stars" - $4,000  RAP House Youth Center of New Port Richey
2013/2014 - "The Cactus Rose" - $5,000 HOPE Youth Ranch in Hudson
2014/2015 - "Double Rings at Midnight" - $5,000 Safety Town in Hudson
2015/2016 - "North by Northwest" -  $4,000 AMIkids Pasco
2016/2017 - "Baltimore Gathering" - $5,500 A.F.I.R.E in New Port Richey
2017/2018 - "Anniversary Album Quilt" - The Toymakers, Inc. in Hudson

In addition, we have collected and distributed monetary and In-kind donations to the following groups:
American Red Cross-Katrina Fund
The Angelus
Hospice of Pasco
Hudson Recreation Center-Friends of the Park
Hicks Road Initiative
R.A.P. House
V.A. Nursing Home
Foster Care Association
Pasco Pediatric Foundation
Linus Foundation
Tandem Health Care of NPR
Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation
West Pasco Art Guild
Holiday Recreation Complex
Bear Creek Nursing Home
Southern Pines Nursing Home
Maryland Avenue Shelter
Beacon Community Church
All Saints Food Pantry
Bay Pines Woman's Domicile
West Pasco Pregnancy Center
Holy Ground Homeless Shelter
St. Marks Presbyterian Church
Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter
Boys and Girls Club
Compassionate Ministries Food Bank
Salvation Army
New Port Richey Recreation & Aquatic Center


 M. Borders & S. Pruitt & N. Meinhardt

updated 06/01/2017
Copyright March 2008